Henry Singleton

Planting and Styling Supervisor

My name is Henry and I am the Planting and Styling Supervisor. My role is to turn the planting plan into a reality in all the gardens we design. My work also includes maintaining the gardens to ensure they look as they were envisioned. 

My favourite part about landscaping & horticulture is the awareness of your surroundings that evolves the more you learn. Before it was an interest to me, I would notice the change of seasons but would pay little attention to the detail of those changes. As my knowledge has grown and as it continues to grow, I find myself picking up on when specific species of trees are in flower in the spring, when their leaves change colour in autumn, as well as similar changes with herbaceous planting. Being aware of those changes and the detail of specific plants brings a lot more appreciation and joy when going about life. 

Alongside using my parents garden as my project space, outside of work I enjoy travelling, looking after various family dogs, keeping fit, and following sports such as Formula 1 and football. If I wasn’t in the horticulture industry I would be interested in becoming an aerial firefighter. The skill and precision of flying whilst fighting fires combined with the aspect of helping people would be a very rewarding job. 

Bradley Cooper is definitely the actor I would get to play me in a biopic. When I’m asked what three things I would take with me if I were stranded on a desert island, I say a seaplane, plenty of fuel, and a GPS. If money was no object, the very first thing I’d do is book an around the world trip. It would be incredible to have the opportunity to see the entire world. Fun fact: the largest population of camels in the wild is actually in Australia.