Beefeater 1500 Series BBQ & S/Bnr Trolley


The Beefeater 1500 Series BBQ & S/Bnr Trolley is available as a 3 burner, 4 burner and 5 burner. Ideal for cooking for family, friends, hosting with a tidy appearance and on 4 castors, meaning it is easy to move. The cast iron cooking space means it is easy to clean, maintain and the excess oil drips into the bottom tray. Close the lid when not in use for a flawless look, as well as being made from stainless steel. Not only do you have a large space for cooking, you have a preparation space to your left, and a side burner to your right, perfect for the extra dishes. Both the cast iron burners and side burner have a 15 MJ output.


3 BurnerHeight: 1152mm Width: 1522mm Depth: 639mm Cooking area: 3072cm sq Grill: 320mm Weight: 63kg

4 Burner – Height: 1152mm Width: 1672mm Depth: 639mm Cooking area: 3840cm sq Grill: 400mm Weight: 77kg

5 Burner – Height: 1152cm Width: 1842mm Depth: 639mm Cooking area: 4608cm sq Grill: 640mm Weight: 91kg



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