Beefeater Signature® 4000SL 5+1 Burner


The Beefeater Signature® 4000SL 5+1 Burner gives the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. It is made from coated cast iron, making it weatherproof and rust proof, with the side carts being made out of stainless steel. It has anti flare technology, stopping heat loss from the 21MJ output makes it perfect for all cooking. Only the SL4000 has the LED Safety lights, to make sure that the BBQ is never left on, staying lit whilst the bbq is on. It has a removable hood with a warming rack and temperature gauge. It is also on castors making it easy to move and put away when not in use.


Height: 1230mm Width: 1970mm Depth: 587mm Cooking area: 4608cm sq Weight:

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