Perennial Embrace II


Perennial Embrace II is a brand new development on our original sculpture ‘Perennial Embrace’ which is our most frequently sold focal point for gardens.  Its beautiful proportions and soft curves make this metal sculpture an attractive focal point for any vista or courtyard. The actual feature is available in a range of sizes from 1000mm to 1500mm wide (photograph shows 1200mm) and is mounted on a sturdy frame which must be concreted into the ground for stability.  These items are extremely heavy and the 1500mm sculpture requires a four person lift (1200mm is a two person lift).  Constructed from untreated mild steel  and allowed to oxidise naturally, the steel will take on its characteristic orange ‘rusted’ look within a number of weeks, depending on weather conditions.

The sculpture shown is powder coated in an antique copper effect, however please note that powder coated options are currently unavailable.

​Delivery time normally 6-8 weeks


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