We have the perfect opportunity for you!

We are seeking to employ passionate people who are looking for an innovative and successful landscape design company to complete their horticulture or landscaping construction apprenticeships with. If you are looking for a company to both support and challenge you as you complete your work based learning, we would love to hear from you!

Apprenticeships vary in length, challenge and structure (depending on the apprenticeship and your previous experience), and combine real work with training and study that you can put straight into practice. They involve –

  • balancing a job as you study for a specific role

  • training for the workplace

  • working under supervision and guidance experience

  • earning a salary (apprentices are entitled to minimum rates of pay, dependant on the apprenticeship you’re doing, role, your age, the year of the apprenticeship etc.)

  • you receive the same rights as employees

  • you will spend at least 20% of your working hours training or studying, supported by a dedicated mentor and a separate training provider

  • undertaking ongoing assessments, including an end-point assessment

We are proud to say that permanent and valued members of the Bestall & Co team completed their apprenticeships with us! Please note, we cannot guarantee a suitable position will be available at the end of your apprenticeship, where we would aim to support you to look for suitable positions elsewhere.

Everyone who is 16 or older, not in full-time education and living in England is able to apply for apprenticeships. If you feel that you have the right skills, align with our core values and would like to register your interest in an apprenticeship with us, please complete the form below.

“During the second half of 2020 we won two awards for our commitment to our company culture and I’m proud to share these values that come from the heart.  I live my life by them and so do our most successful team members, associates, contractors and suppliers”

Integrity – What does Integrity mean at Bestall & Co? It means being open and honest with yourself and others, holding your hands up and admitting when you’re wrong or when you’ve made a mistake, not deliberately avoiding the truth and asking for and accepting help and advice.

Kaizen – Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy translating as ‘continuous improvement’. It’s about never being satisfied with the status quo and always seeing or seeking a better way to do things. It’s about creating a new version and not being fearful to let go and move on. It’s about using newly acquired knowledge to create a version which is more up to date, more efficient, more profitable & delivers a better result. To be effective, the philosophy requires a thirst for knowledge and a passion for continuous personal growth.

Say Do Co – SAY IT | Accept responsibility for a task and embrace it.  Set and AGREE a deadline for it.  Seek the help or learning you need to achieve it.  DO IT | Deliver it. Tell the person who you agreed to do it for when it’s completed. COMMUNICATE (if you can’t do it) | Most importantly, if you can’t achieve it by when you said you would, tell them at the soonest possible moment and mutually agree a new deadline.

Consistency – To be consistent, you have to make sure that you recognise when you don’t reach the standards and goals that you’ve set for yourself, or that have been set by others. It’s about doing something in the same way and to the same high standards every time.

Do the right thing – Doing the right thing is based on an individual’s judgement on making the right decision and being fair, and will differ in each scenario.  The ability to do the right thing is entirely dependent on getting the right people in our team. Doing the right thing may be putting the contractor’s welfare before the customer’s demand to complete a job unsafely.  Doing the right thing is about both being reimbursed fairly for what we do whilst ensuring value for our clients. Doing the right thing is about listening to your gut and asking, ‘If I was an onlooker to this situation, what is the right course of action for the project?’.

Pride & passion – At Bestall & Co, everything should be done with pride and passion. This value is about feeling a sense of satisfaction, meaning and purpose from your work/achievements and giving your all to all you do. Pride and passion is about approaching each day with renewed focus and energy, and respecting and valuing the importance of your work for your role, for our team and for our clients.

Helpful & positive can do attitude – Having a positive attitude is about being happy at work, embracing challenges, not hiding from problems and pushing yourself to learn new things. This value is about supporting our team and our business and saying, “I’ve never done that before, but I’ve got the skills required to do it well, so I’ll give it a go” and, “Yes, I can do that, and I’ll have it completed for …”.

Respect – What does respect mean at Bestall & Co? It’s about respecting yourself, other people, their opinions and differences, it’s about accepting, praising and being thankful, and it’s about trust, caring and taking care.

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