The right plant for the right place

Two tenets we hold to are creation of inspirational outdoor spaces and the right plant for the right place. Planting plans are an elementary aspect of Bestall & Co’s design processes. Therefore whether you want a complete garden rebuild or feel the need to tweak your beds, our team has the expertise to fulfil your dreams.

You’ll want your little piece of paradise on earth to be eyecatching, mouthwatering and inviting all year long. For us this therefore means striking colour combinations and differing foliage forms. Furthermore, it entails year-round interest, not just through flowers but also architectural shapes like box balls and yew cones. The underplanting of spring bulbs secures early season beauty.

A planting plan ensures plants are suited to their position. Our staff have the know-how to avoid putting a sun worshiper in a shady spot. We’d never place a bog plant in a dry corner. This practice saves a lot of disappointment and expense.


We use planting plans for complete garden re-designs, or to update tired or neglected flower beds

Bestall & Co positions plants not only based on their suitability for the space. The needs and wishes of the client are also met as far as feasible. This could mean location of a soft fruit border nearer to the kitchen. Scented specimens might appeal closer to the seating area or outdoor kitchen.

Our design team draws up computer-assisted design planting plans based on initial consultation tests plus a full site survey. In this way, we fully consider significant facets such as soil pH and structure, the sun’s movements and drainage.

The planting plan isn’t just essential to our planting team however. The landscapers trusted by Bestall & Co to achieve a high quality end result rely on the plans to correctly position and prepare planting beds and borders.

Following completion of a project, we use the planting plan to create a maintenance plan. Property owners use this document to care for their own garden. Alternatively, we’re able to offer maintenance & aftercare services which also depend upon the information contained in the planting plan.

Show stopping plants

Here at Bestall & Co our planting plans tend to include a range of tried-and-tested plants. These are reliable show-stoppers, but also endow gardens with our particular brand of sharp sophistication.

Here’s a small selection of plants we use in our schemes:

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Nymphe’
Hylotelephium ‘Matrona’
Buxus sempervirens
Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’
Verbena bonariensis

Planting Plans