Garden landscaping that takes your breath away

Garden landscaping is the measured manipulation of the grounds around a property. This can involve changes in terrain and surfaces, erection of structures and careful planting.

Here at Bestall & Co, garden landscaping means the design and realisation of exquisite, inspirational and sophisticated outdoor spaces that complement your lifestyle. They’re perfect places for entertaining and relaxing, and our guaranteed to take people’s breath away.

How do we know this? Because our garden landscaping begins with a team of highly qualified designers. Landscaping is carried out by trusted, experienced contractors. Our in-house trained, knowledgeable plantsmen finish off the process, where a final quality check is also completed.


Elements of garden landscaping

So let’s take a closer look at some of the elements involved in garden landscaping. Firstly, there’s the initial consultation. Bestall & Co founder Lee will pay you a visit – ideal for fully understanding your situation and needs. Alternatively, you’re very welcome to call into our office free of charge. We’ll discuss where your garden is now, and which elements would lead to the creation of your perfect outdoor space. We gather or request site surveys soon after – vital in garden landscaping.

Secondly we have the design process, where we form an initial concept. Once you’ve seen it and given the go-ahead, our designers proceed with high quality construction drawings.

The following step in garden landscaping is the actual landscaping. We use experienced and proven landscapers who will finish the redesign to the highest standards. Furthermore, they’ve even helped us achieve excellent awards at prestigious levels: RHS Chelsea and Chatsworth, Grand Designs Live, and the Northern Design Awards 2017. Bestall & Co carries out regular project management; you can rest assured all is going well with the minimum of hassle for yourself.

Finally, we complete the garden landscaping process with planting up of your new garden. Our plantsmen have been trained in-house, are passionate about horticulture, and use only our top quality plants. We source these from UK and Dutch wholesalers, cutting out the “middle man” (i.e. garden centres) to reduce costs and efforts for you.

We’ll never leave a garden landscaping project without a final quality assurance check. We want to leave you with the garden of your dreams, a garden you can be proud of.

What’s more, if desired, our team can perform maintenance and aftercare, keeping things in tip-top condition year after year.
If you live within 2 hours of Sheffield and you’re after garden landscaping of the highest quality with friendly, supportive service, why not contact us at Bestall & Co now to arrange a consultation?