When employing a garden designer such as the team here at Bestall & Co, you’ll be asked to feedback through a design brief.

What’s a design brief?

We use a design brief to comprehensively cover your current situation in terms of garden use. It takes the form of a short questionnaire. We’ll normally complete it on initial consultation, based on what we see as well as what we glean from you.

Contents of the Bestall & Co design brief

What we consider therefore includes how many people live at your address, the location of the garden in relation to the house and which spots get the most sun. Many of our clients like to entertain, so an important question is often how many people does your entertaining space need to accommodate comfortably?

Pets are another key factor to bear in mind, as they may have an impact on the concept we propose.

We also include desire or need for more privacy in our design brief.

  • Other significant points we consider in this document are:
  • Landscaping materials
  • Garden structures and features
  • Plants
  • Lighting
  • Utilities

The question of budget is highlighted in the brief, but isn’t essential at this stage. As with all other points, the sooner we know this information, the more precise and satisfactory our design will be for you, our client. Nevertheless, it’s fine to take a little time to think this through and inform us at your earliest convenience.


Is a design brief really necessary?

Not at all. As mentioned above, we will fill in much of the design brief on initial visit, from sight. We have to ask several things of you on this occasion too, but this is to ensure we don’t do you a disservice.

Bestall & Co has three clear aims:

  • Create and realise inspirational outdoor spaces, made up of exquisite planting combinations and the highest quality landscaping materials
  • Form a living landscape that will change the way you and your loved ones use your garden
  • Achieve all this with the minimum of stress for you, our client

The design brief gives us an excellent insight into where your garden is now and what you want from it after completion. You can help us to help you by being clear on things like which plants you like or dislike, which colours you’d rather avoid and what style you’re after. This might not all be clear, but every little insight comes in handy.