Keep your garden looking its best

The completion of your garden design project is never the end of the story. A garden is an ever-changing asset. It goes through peaks and troughs, and with a gentle helping hand becomes better as time goes by. Bestall & Co can offer you this helping hand through its Garden Maintenance & Aftercare services. If you live within a 2-hour radius of Sheffield, we’re happy to assist. Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire are all within our remit.

Garden maintenance & aftercare are an optional extra after your landscaping and planting have been finished. The final design our customers receive is an inspirational, personal haven – a paradise extending their homes outdoors.

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Professional gardening and maintenance service

Here at Bestall & Co we prefer to help preserve the pristine look and feel of your outside space. Prevention is always better than the cure therefore.

We also enjoy keeping in contact with our fantastic clients: people who are always on the same wavelength as our company in terms of lifestyle, taste and expectations.

These are the reasons we offer our garden maintenance & aftercare services.

What is included

Our upkeep package is extremely flexible. You can simply take our garden maintenance plan away at the end of the design process. This concise guide advises on how to care for the plants in your garden. It covers such actions as pruning, mulching and dividing, in a straightforward calendar format. You can follow this yourself, or should you employ a private gardener, they may wish to use it themselves.

Conversely, we can offer garden maintenance & aftercare home visits at intervals suiting you. Members of our friendly and in-house trained team will attend your property to assess what needs doing, then get it done quickly and efficiently.

The team can prune and mulch plants at the appropriate time of year. We can carry out division of congested specimens. Tidying of leaf litter and patios is an option. Where plants may have failed, we can replace them. Fancy some spring flower displays? Then let us order in the bulbs you like and plant them out in time for the new season.

Sometimes you’re after an extra piece of furniture or artwork and aren’t sure where to begin. Well, Bestall & Co has the knowledge to assist with that too!

Our garden maintenance & aftercare also extends to following up rare issues from the construction phase fast.

We’re always immensely happy to help with any horticultural or design queries you might have after we’ve completed your project. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – it’s all part of our garden maintenance & aftercare services!

A garden to be proud of

Garden maintenance & aftercare services are an intrinsic part of our company ethos.

We even pay visits to our past RHS show gardens, now installed in locations such as Covent Garden and Renishaw Hall gardens, to sustain their original standard.

Make sure to mention our garden maintenance & aftercare services during the design process if you’re interested. Alternatively, contact us today by telephone or email if you’d like to discuss what we can do for your little patch of heaven!

Bestall & Co’s garden maintenance & aftercare can truly make a difference to your enjoyment of your property. Continue to be the envy of your friends and loved ones!