Dave Thompson

Hard Landscaping Supervisor

Hi I’m Dave Thompson and I’m the first in-house hard landscaping specialist of Bestall & Co. Im the implementation team leader here with 8 years of landscaping experience behind me and hopefully many more in front of me. 

My favourite part about being in the landscaping industry is seeing spaces transform through the coupling of delicate design and hardworking hands. Working alongside designers to offer clients unique escapes keeps me going through our varied island seasons (cough* rain *cough). 

I’m a 3rd generation Gardner having grown up helping my grandad and mum in the outdoors from an early age. However, if I were to work elsewhere, I’d have found a position in the sporting world; ideally playing football or more probably in the strength and conditioning side of coaching. 

Away from work I’m heavily into my fitness. I’m a keen runner and gym goer but a very amateur cyclist! Im hoping my new surroundings of Sheffield will improve this having moved here at the end of 2021. 

Should my life ever make it to the big screen I would like mark wahlberg to play my role! If stranded on a desert island I would wish to take a utility knife, a good pair of running trainers, and a rather large bottle of gin! If money were to become no object, a never ending trip to every corner of the globe would be where you’d find me… or would you!? 

A fun fact for you; there are more trees here on Earth than stars out in our galaxy! 3 trillion vs 400 billion. 

Dave Thompson Bestall & Co Hardscape Portrait