Dave Thompson

Hard Landscaping Supervisor

Hi I’m Dave Thompson, the first in-house hard landscaping specialist of Bestall & Co. I have 6 years of previous landscaping experience.

My favourite part about being in the Landscaping & Horticulture industry is being outdoors, come rain or shine, and seeing the transformation of spaces into something very special for people. If I worked elsewhere, I would like to be a car valeter, as I have a keen interest in cars and think it would be very satisfying to restore a car to its former glory.

My hobbies and interests include going to car shows, as it is great to see rare & beautiful cars and speak to their owners for stories and learn new information I never knew before. Additionally, I really enjoy going on walks, as they give me time to myself and with my surroundings. 

If someone were to play the role of me in a film of my life, I would like John Travolta (when he had hair) to do it. Also, if stranded on a desert island with only 3 items, I would take a knife, a lighter, and a sleeping bag. Given the situation where I had all the money I wanted, I would probably just buy more cars.

Trivia wise, one I like is that we know more about space than we know about our own oceans.

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