Harvey Dyson

Brand Master

Hi there, I’m Harvey Dyson, the Brand Master at Bestall & Co. I develop and coordinate the marketing for Bestall & Co. I produce the photography, videography & graphic design you see on marketing and branding, be it digital or physical. My proudest achievement thus far is the design of the Bestall & Co vehicle fleet. For my first two years I worked as an apprentice, studying for a specialist digital marketing qualification alongside my work. Graduating in April 2023 I am an official member of the team as the sole brand developer.

The best part about the horticulture industry is the beauty of it all; the way we utilise the elegance of nature to create art that you can live in, not just look at. My grandparents have always loved gardening and made their space somewhere that the whole family can relax and enjoy, leaving us all with happy memories. Being a part of Bestall & Co allows me to help create this kind of environment for other people.

If I were not in this industry and could do anything, I would own and operate a dog shelter to rescue mistreated dogs and find them new homes. There is nothing else that would provide as much satisfaction, pride and joy for me in a job. 

In my spare time I occupy myself by playing the bass guitar for a band, as music is a big part of my life. Photography & cinematography are big passions of mine, so I often do personal projects for myself and friends e.g. doing a photo shoot for the Sheffield Ice Academy Under 18s. 

Here’s a joke for you:
And the Lord said unto John, “Come forth and receive eternal life.”
But John came fifth and won a toaster.

If there was a film about my life, I would definitely get Michael Cera to play myself. I love his energy and demeanour. In an ideal world where I had all the money I wanted, the first thing I would do is book a flight to Iceland and never look back. Not on my own, though, I’d take my dogs, family, and partner with me.

I like to break the ice with strangers with a great piece of trivia. Works every time. My most used one is that wolves in the wild don’t actually follow the beta-alpha social system that we first thought. It turns out, wolves only developed this social hierarchy when placed in captivity. Without the external leadership of a human, wild wolves are just families; with a mother, father and their children working together to hunt.