Jamie Mellor BSc Hons

Operations Director

As Director of Operations I oversee the day to day running of the business and am responsible for the delivery of projects from stage 5 onwards ensuring that our design concepts are realised to the high standards that we strive for and that I create an enjoyable, supportive and inclusive environment for our teams and clients.

I firmly believe that our gardens are an integral part of any home, an extension of our personalities and a way to create safe, vibrant, yet functional spaces to suit our own needs and those of our families and friends. For me, planting is the most exciting aspect in the transformation of any outdoor space; using plants to create drama, security and self awareness that little else can compare. Even on the dreariest of days, plants have an ability to uplift and reinvigorate us and in the same breath create an amazing backdrop for one hell of a party!

Speaking of a party… I love nothing more than spending time with friends and those close to me, enjoying meals out, drinks and social events where I can get my glad rags on and have a dance! I am always keen to visit new places for a good shopping trip and a glass of fizz, take in an art gallery or events ranging from classical recitals, a Dolly Parton concert to being in the middle of a rave. In comparison I can spend hours immersed in nature, watching a tv crime drama, completing a jigsaw or giving the house a good clean!

I am a bit of geek at heart and it’s hard to imagine doing anything different to what I do now, however if I wasn’t working in this industry I’d like to be involved in politics or academic research, looking in to ways to improve people’s lives through education and adjustment of societal norms, however I believe that’s what I do now to some extent, through the creation of gardens, our business aims to improve our client’s lives for the better.

Now for some fun…
My best joke is: I used to be werewolf..
…but i’m alright noooowwwwww

Who would play me in a film about my life: Let’s go for… Maggie Smith. Confident, dry sense of humour, somewhat opinionated, likes to have fun and classy to the end! haha! hmm.. maybe i’m just thinking of the Dowager Countess from Downton!

My desert island essentials: Cherry Bakewells, photo album and a fully equipped Villa!

A touch of trivia.. Many think that all those little sticky droplets left on your car after parking under a tree is Sap, however it’s actually the secretions of Aphids that inhabit the tree, feeding on it.

Jamie Mellor Operations Director Bestall & Co Headshot Portrait