Jon Orridge

Planting and Garden Styling Supervisor

I’m Jon, my role is plant and garden styling trainee. My favourite part of my job is planting, the realisation of the design becoming physical and alive, to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Like most, my love of the outdoors began in childhood, treasured memories of gardening with my grandparents and bird watching with my dad. It’s something so special that I can now share and pass on to my children. 

I spend my free time exploring the outdoors with friends and family, riding my bike, eating too much chocolate and spending too much money on records. 

If I wasn’t in the horticulture industry and had a different job, I would reprise a job from my past as a DJ, it was so much fun but I don’t think I could stay up as late anymore. 

My favourite joke is:
“what did the grape say when stepped on?”
“Nothing, it just let out a little wine.”

If I could choose an actor in a movie of my life it would Jason Schwartzman, he has a very cool mustache. Three things I would take to a desert island would be a tin of beans, chocolate and my portable record player. If money was no object I would bundle the family in a campervan and go exploring, living in our Birkenstocks.