Paula Bestall

Director of Client Experience

I’m Paula, the Director of Client Experience at Bestall & Co and, whilst I am one of the newest members of the team, I have been quietly supporting the business since it began back in 2004 (… for those of you who do not know me, or for anyone who has not already guessed, I am also Lee’s wife!).

After discussing the possibilities of sharing in this venture together for many years, I finally made the move from my long-standing career in education and headship in September 2022 when I joined the team here.  Even though I may have carried the Bestall name for more than 10 years, I still feel proud to officially be a Bestall in both name and now also in business!

I am really excited about my new role as Director of Client Experience as this is also a brand new role for us – one which has been created to reflect how much we value and care about the people we work with and their experience with us, in addition to supporting both our growth and continued success as a company.

As well as transferring the leadership and management skills I developed in the education sector (e.g. strategic planning, project management, leading change, data analysis, building and leading large teams, improving standards, financial management etc.) to lead and grow the business with the team, I specifically oversee our clients’ journey at Bestall & Co to help to guide them through the different stages of our design process and achieve the best possible experience and outcomes for them.  Our clients’ happiness is really important to us, and so is the happiness and development of our team; another part of my role will be to support our team’s wellbeing and journey with us and to make sure that the people in and around our business are supported and respected.

Why is my job perfect for me and what do I love about it?  Whilst I have high expectations, am a ‘completer finisher’ and am a bit of a stickler for detail, I am also very much a people person and a bit of a nurturer at heart; I like nothing more than to make a difference to someone’s day and make others happy and, therefore, the Director of Client Experience role (or the Mary Poppins role as I like to think of it!) is perfect!  My aim is to sprinkle a little bit more of that Bestall magic, helping to create a positive experience for our clients in all stages of the creation of their new outdoor space and supporting a company culture where our team can thrive.

So, a little more about me as a person – I took a traditional route through education, studying A-Levels (where I met Lee!) before going to university to complete a BA Hons degree in Art with Qualified Teacher Status.  I then embarked on my teaching career of 21 years, progressing from being a classroom teacher onto various leadership positions in the primary sector (including mentoring teachers who were new to the profession and senior leadership roles such as deputy head, Senior Leader of Education, Head of School and headteacher).

Away from my work life, I love to spend time with my family and friends and, in my spare time, I love to… travel, visit the theatre, go on picnics, enjoy the glow from a sunset, feel the warmth of a log fire, wander around art galleries and gardens (with the obligatory visit to the tearoom, as it would be rude not to!), get creative with interiors/painting/clothing/the occasional sewing or pottery project, and I am also partial to an indulgent spa or shopping day.  I also adore good food and wine, music, dancing (I have a soft spot for 1950s dresses and a bit of rock and roll!), and I love to love and to laugh.

Random trivia time…

If someone was to play me in a film about my life it would have to be Rachel Mc Adams. Why?  For no other reason than Jamie saying so (as I could not answer this one!). My three desert island essentials would be the three Fs – my family (including pets), friends and a lifetime supply of food/drink, although I think this may go against the point of the question… My best joke?  Okay, so I am admittedly one of those people who cannot remember funny jokes (despite all the Christmas crackers I have pulled and all the jokes the children told me when I worked in schools!), but here goes with a vaguely garden related pun… What did the alien dandelion say to the earth dandelion?  “Take me to your weeder!”

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