Unveiling the Beauty of the Chatsworth Flower Show 2017: Inspired by Renishaw Hall

Our creation for the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show this year, was an incredible event inspired by the formal gardens of Renishaw Hall. The show was a magnificent showcase of the beauty and diversity of the Peak District, as visitors had the chance to see the amazing floral displays as well as this garden created by renowned designer Lee Bestall. For those looking for a unique experience, the Chatsworth Flower Show 2017 was an event not to be missed. 

The Chatsworth Flower Show 2017: Overview and History

The Chatsworth Flower Show, organized by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), was one of the most anticipated gardening events of the year. Now in its second year, this show has quickly gained popularity and is known for its stunning display of gardens, plants, and floral designs.

The Chatsworth Flower Show showcases a wide variety of gardens, including RHS show gardens, which are designed by talented gardeners and landscapers from all over the country. These gardens not only exhibit beautiful blooms and vibrant colours but also tell a story and convey a unique message.

The show also features various exhibits and installations, showcasing the latest trends in horticulture and offering inspiration for garden enthusiasts. Visitors explored the stunning displays, attend workshops and demonstrations, and learn from experts in the field.

Apart from the visual delight of its wider location, the Chatsworth Flower Show also offers a chance to discover the rich history and heritage of the venue. The stunning grounds of Chatsworth House, which dates back to the 16th century, provide a perfect backdrop for the show. This historic estate has been a symbol of grandeur and elegance, making it an ideal location for such a prestigious event.

As the Chatsworth Flower Show continues to grow in popularity, it has become a must-visit destination for gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its stunning gardens, educational exhibits, and historical significance, this show promises a delightful experience for all.

Lee Bestall’s Inspiration from Renishaw Hall Formal Gardens

For the RHS show garden at the 2017 Chatsworth Flower Show, Lee Bestall drew inspiration from the stunning formal gardens of Renishaw Hall. Renishaw Hall is a historic country house located in Derbyshire, England, that features beautifully landscaped gardens.  Bestall incorporated elements of the Italianate gardens of Renishaw Hall including original pieces of sculpture from the gardens, which were designed in the 19th century by George Sitwell.

Bestall aimed to create a garden that conveyed a sense of peace and serenity, while also showcasing the beauty of formal garden design. He carefully considered the placement of each element in the garden, from the carefully manicured hedges to the life size metallic cows!

In addition to drawing inspiration from the formal gardens of Renishaw Hall, Bestall was also influenced by the surrounding landscape. He used the concept of perspective to create a garden that seemed to stretch out into the distance, inviting visitors to explore and immerse themselves in its beauty.

Overall, Lee Bestall’s RHS show garden was a stunning tribute to the beauty of formal garden design, and a fitting homage to the legacy of Renishaw Hall.

The Importance of Perspective in Garden Design

In the world of garden design, perspective plays a crucial role in creating visually stunning and captivating outdoor spaces. It involves using various design tricks and techniques to manipulate the viewer’s perception of depth and space. By utilizing these methods, designers can create optical illusions that make a garden appear larger, more expansive, and even more magical.

One common technique used to create perspective is the strategic placement of plants and features as Lee did with the ever decreasing sized cows. By arranging plants and objects in different heights and sizes, designers can create an illusion of depth, with taller plants placed in the back and shorter ones in the front. This gives the impression of a larger space, drawing the viewer’s eye further into the garden.

Another technique is the use of focal points. By incorporating eye-catching elements, such as sculptures, designers can create a sense of depth and visual interest. These focal points can act as a visual anchor, drawing the viewer’s gaze into the garden and giving a sense of perspective.

Garden designers also use paths and walkways to create a sense of depth and perspective as Lee did here. By curving pathways or placing them at different angles, designers can create the illusion of distance, making the garden feel larger than it actually is and by narrowing the width into the distance, an even greater sense of depth can be achieved.

Visit Peak District & Derbyshire: Sponsors of the Chatsworth Flower Show Garden

The Chatsworth Flower Show would not have been possible without the support of its sponsors which this year included Wedgewood and in the case of Lee’s garden, the Derbyshire Tourist Board and Visit Peak Park.  They recognized the importance of the show in showcasing the natural beauty of the Peak District, attracting tourists, and promoting the local economy. 

As a designated national park, the Peak District is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, adventure-seekers, and nature-lovers. It boasts of picturesque landscapes, rolling hills, meandering rivers, and rare wildlife. The region has a rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as modern amenities and activities. Visitors can enjoy hiking, cycling, climbing, fishing, and sightseeing. They can also visit charming towns, quaint villages, and local attractions, such as stately homes, museums, and galleries.

By part sponsoring the Chatsworth Flower Show 2017, Derbyshire Tourist Board and Visit Peak Park have helped to raise the profile of the region and promote its diverse offerings. They have also supported the efforts of the organizers, participants, and volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the show a success. Through their partnership, they have shown that beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand, and that gardens and parks can inspire, educate, and delight people of all ages and backgrounds.