Lee Bestall’s Incredible Garden Design Takes Centre Stage on Main Avenue at the Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Lee Bestall, a multi-award winning garden designer, has created an incredible garden design for the 2017 Chelsea Flower Show. This year, his garden is inspired by Covent Garden’s 500th anniversary and is truly a sight to behold. Bestall’s garden is a masterclass in garden design to ‘wow the public’, with its unique use of colour, texture and foliage. The garden perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Chelsea Flower Show and is set to take centre stage this year as one of just a handful of main avenue garden selected for this years show.

Lee Bestall’s Background and Expertise in Garden Design

Lee Bestall is the founder and Design Director of Bestall & Co, a reputable garden design and landscaping company based in Sheffield, UK. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Lee has established himself as a renowned garden designer with a passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces. His expertise lies in crafting gardens that are not only visually stunning but also practical and functional.

What sets Lee apart as a garden designer is his high level of emotional intelligence and his commitment to tailoring each garden design to the individual needs and preferences of his clients. He understands that every client is unique, and he strives to create a space that reflects their personal style and complements their lifestyle.

Lee’s extensive experience in garden design allows him to bring creativity and innovation to his projects. He understands the importance of incorporating elements of sustainability and environmental awareness into his designs, ensuring that the gardens he creates are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

With a strong foundation in garden design and a dedication to creating exceptional outdoor spaces, it’s no surprise that Lee Bestall was chosen to showcase his talent at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in 2017.

The Chelsea Flower Show: An Iconic Event in the Gardening World

The Chelsea Flower Show is an annual event that showcases the best in garden design and landscaping. This iconic event draws garden enthusiasts from all over the world who come to admire the exquisite gardens and cutting-edge designs on display. Lee Bestall, is a prominent garden designer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Lee is known for his passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. His commitment to creating gardens tailored to the individual needs of each client has made him a sought-after garden designer. 

Lee’s design for the Chelsea Flower Show 2017 was a Covent Garden-themed garden that wowed visitors and sponsors alike. The garden design showcased Lee’s talent for creating stunning outdoor spaces that capture the imagination, encouring visitors to linger for longer. It’s no wonder that Lee’s work continues to be recognized as some of the best in garden design in the North of England.

Lee Bestall’s Incredible Garden Design for the Chelsea Flower Show 2017

At the Chelsea Flower Show 2017, Lee’s garden design took centre stage on Main Avenue alongside familiar regular Chelsea names such as Chris Beardshaw. The garden, themed around Covent Garden, was an incredible display of Lee’s design prowess and expertise. He incorporated elements of traditional English gardening, including soft planting simulating wildflowers, with modern design elements to create a stunning, contemporary space.

The garden featured a beautifully designed pergola and outdoor seating area, creating a relaxing space to entertain or unwind. Lee’s attention to detail and commitment to quality were evident in every aspect of the garden, from the perfectly manicured trees to the unique floral arrangements.

Lee’s garden design was met with critical acclaim and admiration from visitors to the Chelsea Flower Show. 

His garden was a testament to his passion for garden design and his ability to create stunning outdoor spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

The Inspiration Behind Lee Bestall’s Covent Garden-themed Garden

Lee Bestall of Bestall & Co, a renowned garden design and landscaping company based in the UK, is no stranger to creating breath-taking outdoor spaces. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Lee has established himself as a talented and innovative garden designer.

For the Chelsea Flower Show 2017, Lee took on the challenge of creating a garden design that would capture the essence of Covent Garden, one of London’s most vibrant and iconic locations. Inspired by the rich history and captivating atmosphere of this bustling district, Lee crafted a Covent Garden-themed garden that delighted visitors at the show.

Known for his passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, Lee’s garden design was no exception. Every aspect of the garden was meticulously planned and executed, from the carefully selected plant varieties to the intricate layout and design elements.

As a garden designer, Lee understands the importance of tailoring his designs to the unique needs and desires of his clients. This commitment to individuality and attention to detail shines through in his Covent Garden-themed garden, which beautifully encapsulates the charm and vibrancy of its namesake.

Visitors to the Chelsea Flower Show were captivated by Lee Bestall’s incredible garden design, which effortlessly transported them to the enchanting world of Covent Garden. With his expertise and creativity, Lee continues to inspire and delight both clients and gardening enthusiasts alike with his remarkable garden designs.

The Elements of Lee Bestall’s Garden Design

Lee Bestall’s garden design for the Chelsea Flower Show 2017 was truly extraordinary, showcasing his exceptional talent as a garden designer. One of the standout elements of his design was the incorporation of Covent Garden-inspired features. Bestall cleverly incorporated the essence of Covent Garden into his garden by using materials such as cobbles from Covent Garden pavements, which added an authentic touch to the overall design.

Additionally, he utilized 40-year-old retired apple trees imported from Holland, creating a stunning focal point and paying homage to the iconic apple market in Covent Garden. The presence of these majestic trees added a sense of maturity and history to the garden, giving it a unique charm.

Bestall’s attention to detail extended to the selection of plants as well. He featured ‘Rachel de Thame’ Lupins, which added vibrant pops of colour to the garden and perfectly complemented the overall design. These carefully chosen elements created a cohesive and visually striking garden that perfectly encapsulated the essence of Covent Garden.

Bestall’s expertise in garden design was truly showcased through these meticulously selected and thoughtfully incorporated elements. His ability to seamlessly blend inspiration from Covent Garden with his own unique vision resulted in a garden that was both stunning and meaningful. It’s no wonder that Bestall’s garden took centre stage at the Chelsea Flower Show, earning him well-deserved recognition and acclaim.

The Reactions of Lee Bestall’s Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Lee Bestall’s incredible garden design for the Chelsea Flower Show 2017 earned him a silver medal, a highly prestigious honour in the gardening world. Bestall’s garden was located on the Main Avenue, where it was one of the first gardens that visitors encountered. The garden was even selected by Queen Elizabeth II to view in the private preview, and Lee Bestall had the honour of meeting the Queen in person.

The public loved Bestall’s garden design, and many were moved to tears of joy by its beauty and the way it evoked the feeling of Covent Garden. The garden was truly a testament to Bestall’s expertise as a garden designer. Its design incorporated many elements that made it both visually stunning and practical, such as its natural York stone paving and a variety of roses and perennial flowers that bloomed just in time for the show.

Overall, Lee Bestall’s garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2017 was a resounding success, with both the public and judges praising it for its beauty and innovation. Bestall proved himself once again to be a top garden designer, creating a garden that truly captured the essence of Covent Garden and moved people with its natural beauty.