The Sir Simon Milton Foundation Garden creatively articulates how the power of love and friendship can overcome the melancholy of isolation felt by so many older people, particularly in urban environments.Visitors will be inspired to reflect on the beauty of companionship. The garden presents an uplifting space where people can enjoy a shared moment, make friends or celebrate old acquaintances.

The enriching effect of human interaction is reflected throughout, from the majestic silver birches acting as beacons to guide people to oak seating, symbiotic plants that thrive in each other’s company and a new hybrid hardy orchid Dactylorhiza Simon Milton, which embodies the message the people flourish when in the company of others.

Since the show, the garden has been divided up into several locations around Westminster for the public to enjoy and fulfil its intended use. Bestall & Co worked closely with Victoria Business Improvement District to make this idea a reality.

Garden Designed by Lee Bestall & Paul Robinson