Discoloured Buxus or Box plant turned orange are a common sight, especially during winter and when grown in pots.

The discolouration of the leaves often turning an orange or rust colour is due to environmental stress, usually seen in winter and due to the fact that they dried out in the previous summer.

This is often seen in containerised plants grown in pots.

Box enjoys a moist but well drained soil, so they require plenty of water in dry spells but must not get waterlogged in winter.

Feeding will help and I would suggest scraping back some of the compost surrounding the base of the plant in spring and adding a handful of Vitax Q4 slow release fertiliser, followed by topping back up with fresh compost (John Innes number 3 is best).

Weekly feeding throughout the summer with liquid Miracle Grow or similar will also enhance the dark green colour associated with box.

My top tips for beautiful Buxus

  • Don’t over water in winter
  • Water regularly when dry
  • Feed in spring with granular fertiliser
  • Cut in late May or early June to maintain shape
  • Trim only on a dry day to help prevent Box Blight
  • Don’t plant in heavy clay soils
  • If plants have become over grown they can be cut back to 30cm in late may and should rejuvenate well