The idea of an outdoor kitchen in your garden is one many of us dream about, but sometimes the practicality can be a challenge in the UK.  At Bestall&Co we’re often asked to create gardens which incorporate a pizza over or a rustic fire pit for a little free style cooking, but if you’re more James Martin than Jamie Oliver, maybe a proper outdoor kitchen is for you.

Constructed from hard or soft wood, the outdoor units can be used to hide the gas bottles and store cooking utensils, while the polished granite surface sheds water easily.  When choosing materials for construction outdoors, its essential to use products which will stand the test of time and last in our ever changing climate.

Available with as many gadgets as you want to throw in, including fridges, griddles and even the kitchen sink.

Cooking with friends

There’s something tribal about cooking with friends and family, but it seems that most of us are pre programmed to eat in groups.  I’m not sure if its the feeling we get when we’re gathered around a fire, cooking the results of our latest hunt, or the sharing and interaction with others, its possibly both.

For ideas and inspiration for an outdoor kitchen in your garden, check out this equipment with a chunky commercial feel, at