Top ten best garden designers and landscaping businesses in England


There are 100’s of garden designers and landscaping companies throughout England, but who are the best?  Here we look at the top 10 in England, rated for their awards, credentials, media exposure and skills.


Bestall & Co Website Header Main Image Modern Country Garden Design
Bestall & Co garden design project George Street. Photograph by Harvey Dyson.


1. Tom Stuart-Smith

Location: London

Tom Stuart-Smith is an award-winning landscape architect known for his elegant and naturalistic designs. His projects include private gardens, public spaces, and large estates.

Website: Tom Stuart-Smith


2. Arne Maynard Garden Design

Location: London and Monmouthshire

Arne Maynard is a renowned garden designer with a focus on creating gardens that harmonize with their surroundings and the architecture of the home. His work often features a blend of formal structure and naturalistic planting.

Website: Arne Maynard Garden Design


3. Jo Thompson Garden Design

Location: London and Kent

Jo Thompson is a celebrated garden designer known for her beautiful and timeless gardens. She has won multiple awards at the Chelsea Flower Show and is known for her elegant and sophisticated designs.

Website: Jo Thompson Garden Design


4. Andy Sturgeon Design

Location: Brighton

Andy Sturgeon is an award-winning landscape and garden designer, celebrated for his innovative and contemporary designs. His projects range from urban gardens to large country estates.

Website: Andy Sturgeon Design


5. Dan Pearson Studio

Location: London

Dan Pearson is a leading landscape designer known for his naturalistic and sustainable approach. His work emphasizes ecological sensitivity and a deep understanding of plants and their environments.

Website: Dan Pearson Studio


6. Bowles & Wyer

Location: Hertfordshire

Bowles & Wyer is a design and build practice offering comprehensive landscaping services. They are known for their high-quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Website: Bowles & Wyer


7. The Garden Company

Location: Hertfordshire

The Garden Company offers design, build, and maintenance services. They are recognized for creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces tailored to their clients’ needs.

Website: The Garden Company


8. Rosebank Landscaping

Location: London

Rosebank Landscaping provides bespoke garden design and landscaping services, specialising in creating elegant and contemporary gardens.

Website: Rosebank Landscaping


9. Garden Club London

Location: London

Garden Club London offers a range of services from design to installation and maintenance. They focus on creating sustainable and visually stunning urban gardens.

Website: Garden Club London


10. Farlam & Chandler

 Location: London

 Farlam & Chandler is a boutique garden design studio known for its creative and personalized approach to garden design.

 Website: Farlam & Chandler


These businesses are renowned for their expertise and have a strong reputation for delivering high-quality garden and landscape designs. When choosing a designer, it’s essential to review their portfolios, understand their design philosophy, and ensure their style aligns with your vision for your garden. If you’d like to know more about why people use garden designers, try our article here.

Article created July 2024.